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2.0 TODO List

Below is the current "short" TODO list.  The long version can be
found in doc/devel/todo.   Any assistance you may provide in
developing, testing, documenting will be greatly appreciated.
As always, coordinate activities on this list (don't enquire privately,
I just refer you to the list).


OpenLDAP 2.0 Projects
        Update back-perl
        Update back-tcl
        Complete Unicode Support
    SLURPD v3 update
    client API update
        Implement LDAP errno draft (deferred)
        Implement per referral callback
        Update SASL API to support callbacks and/or prompting
        Update clients to use above SASL API
        use _ext API, avoid deprecated routines
        referral chasing options/rebind proc
    Add TLS SASL/EXTERNAL support
    SLAPD/SLURD Admin Guide
    Update manual pages