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Re: slapd problems under stress

Hi to all,

> These sound like resource exhaustion errors.  OpenLDAP
> does not deal with such very well.  You need to configure
> the server such that you don't exhaust resources.  Given
> the test you are doing, you likely are exhausting process
> space or stack space or heap space.

Ok, just to give you a status of our problems:

After fixing a few (!) memory leaks (two in our own back-ends,
one in slapd (ava.c -- see ITS #614) and another one in the
'recode' library (stable-v3.5), our slapd now answers up to
a few million requests without any crashes or hangs. I currently
limited the number of threads for our testing to 10.

The memory consumption of slapd seems no longer to grow (even
if YAMD still reports memory leaks -- YAMD seems to have
trouble profiling slapd, maybe because of the multi-threading).

So, that doesn't look bad :-)

> >Are there any known problems? Is it possible to set a limit
> >on the number of concurrent threads?
> We don't have knobs (yet) to control this.

If I understood Mark right, there will be knobs in the near
future. :-)

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