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slapd problems under stress

Hi *!

I have integrated two backends into slapd and we are now
observing problems with slapd if it got under stress:

Our test program (written by using libldap) starts 80 async
request and waits for their results. This is done every
10 seconds. In case of a time-out (10 seconds) all pending
operations will be abandoned. Sometimes the slapd crashes
with a SEGV, sometimes it hangs, sometimes it aborts (from
assert() during a memory allocation)!

After that, we concentrated on a single backend which I
stripped down so that the search does nothing but a
Same problems!

The next step was to use the 'standard' ldbm backend.
And again: we have the same problems!

We are running linux 2.2.14, OpenLDAP 2.0-devel (last
update from the CVS: 28 June 2000), debug level for all
tests was 255.

I think that the problems are thread related.
Are there any known problems? Is it possible to set a limit
on the number of concurrent threads?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance -- Christian