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Re: Shortcutting on a local server

At 12:20 PM 6/21/00 -0600, Dave Steck wrote:
>Some interest has been expressed in the possibility of automatically shortcutting

Automatic shorting cutting is a bad idea.  The SDK should not
try to shortcut or second guess the application.  If the
applications requests ldap:// then ldap:// is what it should

Note, however, the application is more than welcomed to use
alternative transports.  2.0 code supports, in addition to
LDAP over TCP/IP (ldap://), supports LDAP over SSL/TCP/IP
(ldaps://), and LDAP over IPC (ldapi://).  Additional transfer
protocols (or IPC mechanisms) can easily be added.

Note, however, that LDAP has some limitations when ran over
alternative transfer protocols.  In particular, LDAP authentication
(SASL) and security layers (TLS) are designed for use over

Also note that multiple transfer protocols would likely not
be consistently supported by directory applications and that
general use of non-TCP transfer protocols should be discouraged.