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HEADS UP: command line tools changes

The command line tools are going through an overhaul.  The
changes will likely break a few shell scripts.  Here is
a quick summary of the changes already made:

	tools use LDAPv3 by default
	alternative LDAP formats have been axed
	LDIFv2 (yet to be formalized) is now default
	LDAPv1 (RFC2849) available for compatibility (-L)
		with other LDAPv3 implementations.
	U-Mich LDIF available for compatibility (-LLL) with
		OpenLDAP 1.x/U-Mich 3.3.
	ldapsearch(1) handles controls, references, extended
		partial, and result responses provided in response
		to search request (hence LDIFv2).

Changes to be made:
	All tools will default to no chasing for security reasons.
	Chasing flags will be provided, including support for
		rebinding when appropriate authentication mechanisms
		are in use.
	All tools will support unsolicited notifications (ie:
		notice of disconnect).

It is hoped that this work will be completed within the next
few days.