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RE: Granting rights based on relationships

This is pretty much what I was trying to accomplish with my "atattr" ACL
accessor, but it sounds like you have something even more general in mind.
I'd definitely like to see what you're planning, because I still intend to
commit atattr support into the tree. If you've got something better, I'll
use that instead.

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> Subject: Granting rights based on relationships
> While we're talking about ACLs and ACIs, here's what I'd like to be
> able to do.  I'd like to grant rights based on (dynamic)
> relationships between the subject and the object.  Like grant access
> to my boss's secretary, or to all my brother's children.  My boss
> might change, or his secretary might change, so I don't want to
> hard-code a DN.  Likewise, my brother might have a new kid, I don't
> want to have to update my list (or use a group) when his object
> contains this info.
> The examples are contrived, but the point is that I'd like to use the
> info that's already in object attributes instead of defining formal
> groups for every possible grouping of objects, and without adding a
> "role" object for every possible position in a company.
> I've got working code (and a simple syntax) to do this, if anyone
> else is interested.
> Mark.