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Re: libraries/*/options.c

At 04:33 PM 6/5/00 -0600, Steve Sonntag wrote:
>We are packaging libldap and liblber into one library.

Something I've been considering as well. -lopenldap{,_r}

>Re: libldap/options.c and liblber/options.c
>Our linker has heartburn because the two files have the same name.

Are there other ways to resolve this?  On unix, this quite
solvable (as demonstrated in servers/slapd/Makefile.in)?
Would not be surprised if NT and NetWare offered similar solutions.

>Would it be possible to change the name of one or both of them to
>something like

It's possible, but not something I would do without devel
list discussion.  I'll redirect this discussion there.

>Would this change cause problems?

Well, the files are only in devel and 2.0-alpha branches.  We
likely could do a repo copy (to preserve history) and then
remove the old copy normally.  This would have the (benign)
side effect of the file showing up under two names in these
existing revisions.  Likely best if only done for
liblber/options.c as it has less history.