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Re: More requests for comments

At 07:51 PM 6/4/00 -0400, Mark Valence wrote:
>There are two other minor changes I'd like to make.  Please comment.
>The LDAP backend currently uses a hostname:port from slapd.conf.  I'd 
>like to change this to be an ldap URL.

This would be nice... would allow ldaps:// and ldap://????starttls

>Also, to facilitate a new 
>ldap_back_group routine, I want to add binddn and bindpw directives 
>that would provide the DN and password to use when resolving group 
>The other change is to the backend_group routine, which is used in 
>determining access rights (with ACLs and ACIs).  Currently, this 
>routine will only work with the backend of the object in question. 
>It's fairly simple to change this routine so that objects in a given 
>backend can use groups from other backends to grant rights.

I consider this a bug, feel free to fix it.