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HEADS UP: new schema code, alpha4

The big schema switch has been flipped!

By default, devel uses the new schema code to do all processing.
Though all tests in our little suite pass, there are likely
some bugs and definitely a few holes (like no indexing).

Old schema code is available, for the time being, under
-DSLAPD_SCHEMA_COMPAT (we'll run unifdef eventually).

There is still lots to do before kicking out alpha4, so lets
get busy.  I'll be working primarily on reworking of the
index subsystem, so feel free to contribute elsewhere.

Here is the 2.0 alpha4 TODO list
  * implement RFC 2251-56 required syntaxes
	and matching rules (cheating as needed)
  * test/integrate ITS#537 (-llber changes)
	(not tested, but looks like the right approach)
  * test/integrate ITS#546 (-lldap v3 referrals)
	(works for me)
  * test/fix TLS/SASL codes as needed
	(basic TLS/SASL needs testing, especially
	in lieu of ITS#537 and front v. back changes)
  * Revamped ACIs, through out LDAPaci/supportedACImechanisms,
	use private attribute (OpenLDAPaci) instead
  * update man -llber/-lldap man pages

It's my plan to release alpha4 once we've shaken out these
(and the new schema code) out.   A beta, I hope, would quickly
follow.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

Enjoy, Kurt