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Re: Build on HP/UX

At 03:21 PM 5/24/00 -0400, Gary Williams wrote:
>When I try to build on HP/UX version 10.20, I get an error in util-int.c.
>It seems to depend on the existence of h_errno, which on HP, you have to
>define _X_OPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED to get it defined.  Is anyone else successfully
>building on HP with the current dev sources?

There might be a patch for this on HP's website as their
10.x manpages do meantion the need to define X_OPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED
to get h_errno (which is, of course, bogus).

Looking at their manpages, I note their gethostbyname call
is threadsafe (uses thread specific storage).  We should
detect this as well.