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Re: Add new attribute and objectclass to slapd

At 03:30 PM 5/22/00 +0200, Mikael Grehn wrote:
>I need to add the attribute "givenName" (inside objectclass
>I added the objectclass inetOrgPerson to the slapd.oc.conf file + the
>description of givenName in slapd.at.conf and tried to send that
>attribute back to client (also including the correct objectclasses) but
>the client received the following:
>CN=Adeklev Gun,O=AMV,C=SE
>CN=Adeklev Gun
>,where the last attribute name (which should be "givenName") is
>corrupted for some strange reason.
>Why is the added attribute corrupted?

Without additional context, any answer given would be
a wide ass guess.  I presume this is related to your
custom backend... which is more than likely to be
the cause.  My wide ass guess would be that the memory
space you allocated to hold the string "givenName"
was trashed due to improper allocation/deallocation.

>How can this be fixed?

I would presume so.  First you need to find the cause.
Try using a debugger.