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Re: Reading schema from ADS

Naresh wrote:

> Hi All
>         I need to read the schema from an Active Directory Server.  I have written
> a small application for this.  The application makes an Anonymous bind to
> the server and then reads the schema.
>         The bind statement is as follows
> (ldap_simple_bind_s(m_ld,"", "")
> While this code reads the schema successfully from a Netscape server, it is
> not able to do the same on an Active directory server. However on giving the
> uid and password during the bind process, the application is able to read
> the schema.
> How do I read the schema Anonymously in Active Directory ?

You can't. The schema is subject to some ccess controls.

> Do I need to configure the Active Directory Server so that it lets me read
> the schema with an Anonymous bind?  If yes how?


> -Naresh

Ludovic Poitou
Sun Microsystems Inc.
iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions - Directory Group - Grenoble - France