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Re: looking for Open Source project presentations

Hello Kurt,

Thanks for your interest and ideas!

If we decide to put together a hothouse, then maybe we can put out an
announcement to openldap-announce.  Until then, I'll be satisfied
with a post to the general mailing list.  The USE LINUX committee is
having a conf call on Thursday  afternoon and they will discuss the
latest developments with the hothouses at that time.  Kurt, I'll be
happy to discuss this with you offline.


Kurt D. Zeilenga writes:
 > At 10:49 PM 4/10/00 -0400, Eric Z. Ayers wrote:
 > >My name is Eric Ayers and I am writing to invite you to submit a paper 
 > >to the Atlanta Linux Showcase Conference sponsored by USENIX.  The
 > >conference will be held in October, and we are looking for abstracts
 > >for paper submissions by May 1.
 > I'll pester the core team and see if might get an abstract (or two)
 > submitted.
 > >At the last Use Linux committee meeting we were discussing open source 
 > >projects that we'd like to see papers from, and OpenLDAP was one of
 > >particular interest, as we are looking for submissions concerning
 > >network services and platform interoperability.  We would be
 > >interested in papers by those invovled in development as well as from
 > >those who have deployed the server and have experience with LDAP
 > >servers in general. Of course, the showcase is focused around Linux in 
 > >particular, and we would like to see a tie-in to the Linux operating
 > >system. 
 > There are, of course, a wide range of ways/levels of "tie-in" LDAP
 > with Linux.  The primary areas are Single Signon, Network Services,
 > Roaming Services and Messaging.
 > >I see that the project is (or was)sponsored by netboolean and you have 
 > Net Boolean, the Internet Software Consortium, and others sponsor
 > various aspects of the projects... and, of course, we generally
 > fail to meantion various employers of contributors.
 > >a lot of developers listed on your web page.
 > Yes... but only a handful are active at any given time.
 > >We also are
 > >looking for projects that might benefit from a "development hothouse."
 > >This is where we provide accomidations, a room with lots of computers,
 > >catered food, and no outside distractions for 3 days to 1 week.  If
 > >yours is a distributed development staff and a well organized project
 > >that you think would benefit from this type of environment where we
 > >could bring several of your developers together, let us know.  We did
 > >this last year with XFree86 and it was a big success - they are coming 
 > >back.  This year the Red Hat foundation is sponsoring us, so we have
 > >room for 3 more projects. 
 > I personally think this is a great idea.  I'd be happy to chat
 > with more about this privately.
 > >
 > >The call for papers and more information about the showcase can be
 > >found at:
 > >
 > > http://www.linuxshowcase.org/  
 > >
 > >If you are interested and have any questions, please feel free to
 > >write or give me a call 
 > >
 > >Also, would you mind if I posted a similar announcement to
 > >the openldap-general list, as we are looking for deployments as well.
 > Some of core team members manage significant deployments.  I'll
 > pester them and others on this level as well.
 > I have no real problem posting such to general despite general
 > being implementation neutral.  This would expose your announcement
 > to other opensource LDAP'ers.  Alternatively, I'd be willing to
 > approve an openldap-announce posting.  Feel free to submit such
 > to postmaster@openldap.org.