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Re: question about caching policy

At 08:31 AM 4/11/00 +0900, Kwon, YongChul wrote:
>Hello. I have a question in OpenLDAP caching policy.
>1. There is a backend object. and backend object has
>10 buckets of entry(keeps in memory). if a search query
>issued by client, slapd looks up the 10 buckets. if fails,
>it open ldbm and fetch the requested entries. and update 
>cache. then, slapd keeps only 10 entries in whole connection?
>I want to know that the cache is managed by a session or 
>the entire server process.

per server cache

>if it compiled with multi thread,
>does the caching policy changed?


>2. What's the ldbmcachesize means? in gdbm, it allocates memory
>of cachesize - it keeps until the gdbm session closed. then,
>the ldbmcache has no meaning in slapd with gdbm. it closed the
>gdbm session when search operation ended. am I correct? :-(

no. the backend caches open handles

>How can I use the best perfomance of OpenLDAP - with gdbm or
>Berkeley DB 2.x?