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ldapsearch problems on remote machine

Hi again!
I tried to move slapd.exe and ldapsearch.exe on another machine
(+configfiles,hs_regex.dll etc), I managed to start slapd
"slapd -p 389 -f d:\ldap\config\slapd.conf -d 8" and it worked perfect.
But when I tried to get monitor info with ldapsearch
    "ldapsearch -s base -b cn=monitor 'objectclass=*'" it failed to
contact the server
        "Couldn't contact LDAP server"
It works perfectly on my 'own' machine, but ldapsearch fails to contact
server when trying on another machine.
One could note that it works perfectly to use another ldapclient (like
swix) to search on this other machine.

What could be the problem?
Does ldapsearch.exe need some external files?


Mikael Grehn