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Re: LDAP URL Extensions

At 05:41 AM 3/29/00 -0800, Rouviere, Stephane wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>I just would like to know if someone works on ldap url extensions as defined
>in rfc2255 ?

Yes.  OpenLDAP-devel implements a number of LDAP URL extensions
(namely for specifying StartTLS and SASL details), including the
one (binddn) detailed in RFC 2255.  I am currently writing an
Internet Draft for submission to the IETF in this area.  It's
my intent for this I-D to be eventually published as standard track

>Will it be into next release of LDAP ?

I assume you mean OpenLDAP.... 2.0 will provide support for
a number of URL extensions.

>At what point of the implementation are you ?

Well, code wise, we have a good start on extensions for TLS
and SASL.  Some work is needed.  I hope someone will flush
out the code once the I-D is published.  I suspect the
code and I-D will leapfrog each other until successful IETF
last call.