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error handling in async functions


I'm writing LDAP client application using OpenLDAP 2.0-dev, my application
should handle server failures, so I'm implementing rebinding routines around
calls to ldap_search(), which poses following question:
Where I can find list of connection related errors reported by asynchronous
ldap_search(), and which are handled by ldap_result()?
I need to catch all possible server failures while operating  asyncronously -
ldap_result() is in polling mode.

I've read RFC1823, but it doesn't cover the topic which errors are reported on
which stage folowing execution path:
while(ldap_result()) {
        [ ... processing ... ]

Could someone tell, when connection errors could be reported (e.g. whenever
socket operation errors will be reported by ldap_search() or ldap_result()?

Thanks in advance,

Adrian Pavlykevych 			email: 		<pam@polynet.lviv.ua>
System Administrator			phone/fax:	+380 (322) 742041
State University "Lvivska Polytechnica"