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Re: SLAPD dies/locks up

At 01:08 PM 3/27/00 +0200, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
>>>>>> "Turbo" == Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@nocrew.org> writes:
>    Turbo> I'm having trouble here. When doing a search from
>    Turbo> netscape/outlook OR ldapsearch to the ldap server, the
>    Turbo> slapd locks up, and it have to be restarted.
>With a little more investigation, and adding my own debug lines,
>I came up with the 'source of the evil'...
>It's the return(select()) line...
>        return( select( tblsize, &sip->si_use_readfds, &sip->si_use_writefds,
>            NULL, timeout ));
>Seems the select() locks for some reason...

The client is awaiting for data to become available...

>Any idea what I should do next, to find out WHY?

Look on the server side.