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objectclass attribute

Hi  again!
When I test my hacked OpenLDAP server and the backend linked to a
Btrieve database I use several Ldap clients, for example
'ldapsearch.exe' and swix.exe clients.
I might even try it with our friend Ströders client later on. :-)
In my response to the client I have a linked list of attributes (among
other things) starting with the objectclass attributes.
Question 1:
    I need to have USERSECURITYINFORMATION as an attribute (customer
requires an unique personal code
    for each of his employers in the database). I first added
objectclass=top and objectclass=newpilotperson
    of each person record returned to LDAP client, then I add attributes
cn=<person name>,mail=<person email>
    and USERSECURITYINFORMATION=<personal unique code>.

    The USERSECURITYINFORMATION attribute doesnt show on Client side and
I guess that is
    becourse I havent included an objectclassattribute that contain this
attribute (cn and mail are in
    newpilotperson attribute).
    Do I have to find an objectclass that contain a suitable attribute
for this unique code(for example
    USERSECURITYINFORMATION) and include this in my linked list to be
able to include this
    attribute later on (in the list) to the client?
Question 2:
    If I wish to add (in slapd.oc.conf) this USERSECURITYINFORMATION
attribute directly in the
    objectclass newpilotperson 'struct', is this possible?...and even
more interesting; How can the client know
    my objectclass struct(after I change it/them for example)?
Question 3:
    Does it matter if I start the linked list with the objectclass
attributes or that 'actual' attributes themselves?


Mikael Grehn