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Re: Bugfix: wait4msg() hangs when using SSL/TLS (ITS#446)

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:

> At 06:35 AM 3/20/00 +0000, Andrew Hacking wrote:
> >I take it you are referring to the top level ldap API, not the internals here, since
> >that would really mean non-blocking cannot be supported and it certainly *appears* that
> >the code is written to handle non-blocking sockets.
> No, I'm talking about internals.  The code does NOT support non-blocking
> streams.  In particular, write selection needs work.

OK, so I take it we don't want it to stay that way ?

> >What is the rationale for using and defaulting to blocking sockets within libldap ?
> UNIX sockets default to blocking...

Yes, thats a fact, and a weak rationale at best. What I am trying to do is get some
understanding of the current state of play, because it appears the I/O internals need some
re-work if libldap and liblber are to be robust.  By "robust" I mean don't block the
application indefinitely when things go bad, although not crashing and not leaking memory
are other qualities I look for in "robust" tools....

There appears to be no real *need* for using blocking sockets (other than thats the way it
is at present), ie no rationale, and blocking sockets are certainly _not_ going to "help"
in moving forward.

Is anyone else out there currently looking at these issues because I'd like to help if