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Re: HEADS UP: NT/MSVC5 dependencies

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:

> Please note that due to the recent inclusion of back-sql that
> odbc32.lib is not required to build slapd and related tools
> under NT/MSVC5.

"unless you really want to use back-sql" should be added :)
this means that if you do not plan to use back-sql and for some reason
you are unhappy with that one more library gets linked in (I think
linker is smart enough to minize junk), you can safely remove back-sql
subproject and its dependencies from buildtree, and remove odbc32.lib
from link list - the rest will work fine (or maybe you will have to
comment out one or two strings in portable.nt - I don't quite remember).

Nevertheless, the problem is not only with back-sql - the whole Win32
buildtree seems unconfigurable at all -
one cannot choose whether to compile something in, or not, etc...

> Also, due to recent changes to thr_nt.c, the threading support
> is now dependent upon an NT4/WIN2000 system call.  Thoughts
> on how to implement lthread compatible conditions on Win9x
> welcomed.

does this mean that most recent slapd won't compile/work on Win9x at
all?.. that's sad news...
one more reason to try to work out some configuration script for