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RE: NT log output

At 12:34 AM 3/15/00 -0800, Howard Chu wrote:
>The default ber_pvt_log_print function ber_error_print prints
>unconditionally to stderr.

The ber_pvt_log_print function pointer is accessible via
ber_set_option(): ie:
	ber_set_option( NULL, LBER_OPT_LOG_PRINT_FN, my_error_print );

>We ran across this problem too and added a
>function ber_error_file(FILE *f) to override the default output stream.
>I added invocations of this function in liblutil/debug.c lutil_debug_file()
>and lutil_debug() so that our logs would all dump into the same place.

I think slapd should call ber_set_option() with a function to redirect
logging as needed.

>been a long time since I've synced up our source tree with the main
>repository but I can provide patches for this if desired.

I rather not pass about patches against devel code (except for review).
Let's sort out what should to be committed and then commit it.