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Re: some questions ... again!

Gary Williams wrote:

> I'll be glad to help as much as I can.

Ok then here we go:
1. A pure(?) NT question. I wish to use the ldapseach/ldapmodify etc tools
(executables) inside another
    interface application (ldap client) when searching for entries and
attributes. I can fill some fields and stuff in the interface that later are
'collected' into a commando line execution like:

    ldapsearch -b "o=Envilogg,c=SE" -s base -l 100 -z 10 -D Envilogg -w
secret -h -p 389 "objectclass=*" -L > d:\myldif999.ldf

Dont worry, I dont use all these flags in every search but ... just to check
that it looks ok.
The problem here is the '>' printout option that can be inserted into dos
window or similar BUT is not valid when starting this new process, using API
Any other option to print searchresult to file ( or directly into my own
program ) or is there a way to notify API so printout option is valid?
I could build a new project in OpenLDAP, make it depend on some tools and
make the calls directly ldapsearch_s etc. butt I wish to make the interface
in BCB as an external application so...

2. I have implemented the search functionalities so that the incoming
request (filters etc) will be send via DCOM
    to another server which contain the database, the search will be done on
the database and the result will
    be sent back (with a connection-point interface(DCOM stuff)) and written
to a search textfile of the ldif format.
    When the 'DCOM search function' has returned successfully another
'send_back_search_result' is called with
    the number of matches (from DCOM) as an additional parameter. This
function reads one line at a time and uses
    the str2entry function to get the appropriate entry structure, which is
inserted into the send_search_entry
    function and send back to the client.
    The reason why I must read from file is that DCOM can only handle
limited amount of data (per call) so
    I think that only one entry result can be sent per time. This means that
I must use muliple calls.

    But now to the problem(?)....
        a/ What is the exact ldif format. Please give references to RFC +
examples. :-)
        b/ I hope that it is possible to store one entry on one line in the
textfile since the inparameter to
                str2entry is of type char*. Am I correct?
3. I would like to get status from my 'front-end' using "cn=monitor" as base
in a search. I was thinking it
    could be a good idea to start a new thread for each new backend (only
have one) that continously
    ask the frontend for this info (one info entry) and write the info. to a
file (perhaps also containing date)
    + sending it to database server via DCOM.
    a/ Have you done this? Could you give the exact ldapsearch command for
    b/ Is it possible to ask slapd for info even before any nodes have been
        ("cn=monitor" needs a existing node,no?) ?
4. It would be nice to be able to configure slapd during runtime...have you
done this?
    I understand that this means that there will be conflicts but in some
cases it should be ok,
    for example configuring timelimit for new clients.

I think I will cc this to openLdap aswell, but please dont skip answering
the questions anyway. ;-)

More questions might come. :)