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Help!!OpenLDAP hangs!

Hi everyone,
I have been using openldap for a few months. It is ok until today.
Ldap search began to hang every now and then. Sometimes after 15 minutes, the hang will disappear.
I can't effort to wait that long, so i kill the daemon and restart it. There were occasion even this doesn't work.
I notice that when this 'hangs' happens, there are additional 2 new slapd processes in addition to the normal 3 slapd processes. Any clue from here??
The openldap is replicating to 3 other slave ldap in other countries. I'm thinking for doing a chain replication,
perhaps it might solve the problem.
Will searching for an attribute that does not exist in certain records be the cause of it? I have added a new attribute recently, so all the older records do not have it.
If anyone has any idea why this is happening, please give me hint. Thanks !!!!!