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subtype indexing issues

I'm working on restructing indexing... one issue needing resolution
is what exactly to index in the face of subtyping.

Should indexing be explicit:
	"index name" generates index for (name=foo) matching?

hence requiring:
	"index cn" to generate index for (cn=foo) matching
	"index name;lang-En" to generate index for (name;lang-En=foo)

And should one use supertype indexing to limit canditates for a subtype?
That is, use cn and/or name;lang-De indices to limit cn;lang-De searches.

I guess I don't have much problem with the latter.  The server should
attempt to limit candidates via whatever indices are available.

I do have a bit of a problem with allowing the "index type" generate
indices for subtypes, even where we limited the subtypes to those of
same type with description options.  The problem is that each index
generated is work which may be undesirable.

On alternative is to allow a syntax like:
	index cn ...		(generate indices for just CN)
	index cn;lang-En	(generate indices for just CN;lang-En)
	index cn;+ ...	(generate indices for CN with options)
	index cn;* ...	(generate indices for CN and CN with options)
	index cn;lang-*	(generate index for CN with language tags)

I am thinking that all indices for the same attribute type
(with or without options) should be stored in single file.
This implies that key to option(s) specific indexes need to
include the option(s).