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Re: OpenLDAP backend questions!

Dear Kurt,
    thanks for the quick reply, and appologies for emailing to directly
about these
    requests for clearifications.My mistake to reply directly to you.

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:

> >1. Is it possible to view the server status in some separate (and
> >regulary updated) file(s)?
> Server status is available via cn=monitor, not via files.

So I have to perform a search operation on slapd to get the server
Please clearify this a bit.
What about authorization/bindstrings to view this? What will be

> >The administrators wish to look at what
> >clients are logged on, ipaddresses, server charge(?) and similar
> >
> >I could ofcourse 'hack' these functionalities in the code but
> >....why invent the wheel again?
> If you do, be sure to provide patches so others don't have to
> reinvent the wheel.

I was thinking about inserting a new project with global object that
track of number of connected clients, ipaddresses etc dynamically do
when a
new client connects I add him to the list etc.

> >
> >2. Is it possible to 'throw out' a client at once, using the
> >backend function or something in the 'send_ldap_result' function?
> Not sure what you mean by 'throw out'.

If a client is connected,perhaps performing a search query that an
administrator wish to stop by disconnecting the client at once, can this
done in a easy way?

> >3. How does the backend  'test_filter' function for comparison work?
> >Some examples would be great.
> See back-passwd/search.c.

Ok thanks, I will.

> >4. If I'd like to configure slapd at run-time(for new clients), how
> >this be done?
> We don't support dynamic configuration... excepting experimental
> 'aci' in devel codes.

Would there be problems if I change the configuration at run-time? If
so, how
can this be solved?

> >5. What the differences are between LDAPv2 and LDAPv3?
> >    I have read the RFC:s and have found several differences,
> >extended
> >    operation option etc. but it would be great to have an exact list
> >all differences
> >    between the 2 protocols.
> I don't have a list... the big difference between LDAPv2 and LDAPv3
> is extensibility (Controls,Extended Operatations,Extended
> Search Filters, and SASL).

If anyone has a short, structured list with the exact differences I
appreciate it at lot.
I could read the RFC:s for v2 and v3 and try to compare these but ...

By the way,
how can I use the ldapsearch tool and save the result in a separate file

(ldif format)?
Should I try the '-T' and '-L' options(write to file + ldif format)?
What would the execution line look like?

Thanks in advance.