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Multiple certificates for same user

I am trying to place multiple e-mail certificates for the same user. 
I've  placed them as values of the  userCertificate attribute (under the
DN identifying the user).  
The ldapsearch shows the certificates, but Netscape Communicator sees only
the first certificate when I attempt to install the certificates
in the browser's 'People' database.
The user is identified by an ID number (such as SS#) and has multiple
e-mail addresses and the corresponding certificates. 
For example 
Joe Doe SS#123456789 has e-mail addresses joe@asap.net jdoe@mynet.com
Both e-mail addresses are certified by a CA. 
How to keep this kind of data in an LDAP directory, so that the 
e-mail addresses are visible to Netscape Communicator or MSIE.