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Re: LDAP schema propagation to the backend

> >       That means a good backend design should only be aware of attibute syntax
> >(CIS, CES, etc...) and that´s all... Is this correct?
> No.  A good database backend should not independent of attribute
> syntax and associated matching rules.  I'm currently moving all
> syntax dependent codes to the frontend so that they can be
> shared across all database backends.  This separation is of
> function is needed to support syntax and matching rule plugins.

Well, if you consider that SQL backend is kept in mind, which may use this
information to translate search filters to SQL...
Currently I avoid messing with syntax and matching rules by converting filter to
most relaxed corresponding SQL (that is, CIS matching) to get "candidates", then
testing them against full filter with test_filter()...

WBW, Dmitry