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Re: Encoding Error?

At 08:11 PM 1/26/00 -0500, Shawn Rhoads wrote:
>Is there any good API examples document that I should be using.

Well, OpenLDAP itself.  The client tools and contribWare
codes serve as examples.  There are a number of books available
on LDAP programming, but be careful, many of the examples use
vendor specific APIs.

>I've been using the IETF RFC for the C SDK,
>but openldap doesn't always follow the
>standard (the code I copied for adding a new ldap entry didn't require the
>ADD mod_op to be set.)

First, RFC 1883 is not a standard.  It's an Information RFC.
Yes, the U-Mich API (which OpenLDAP 1.x implements) is slightly

Note that devel codes track IETF LDAPext WG C API drafts.
We hope that these specifications get published soon as an
RFC so that we can have some convergence to a common API.