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Re: Encoding Error?

At 10:18 PM 1/23/00 -0500, Shawn Rhoads wrote: 
> I'm using the C SDK for openldap (openldap-devel rpms on redhat).
> I'm attempting to use the ldap_add_s call (in ldap.h) and am
> getting intermittent "Encoding error" return values.
> Is this a problem in my mapping of C structures that I'm
> passing to the method call?  This is an intermittent problem
> (ie if I add code to move around the instructions it seems to go away.)
> Can someone describe what "Encoding error means?"

Encoding error means that API call, ldap_add_s(), was not able
to encode the LDAP message.  This is usually caused by bad
input, but can also be caused by a variety of other issues
including resource allocation failure.