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Re: adding Boolean syntax (readding caseIgnoreIA5SubstringsMatch

More than just patches to add the schema knowledge, we need
patches to implement the syntax validation and normalization
and associated matching rules.

I am currently reworking schema.c a bit and will soon post
a call-for-help to write various syntax/matching rule handlers.


At 12:27 AM 1/25/00 +1100, william@live.com.au wrote:
>Hi all!
>I'm submitting a patch for the CVS version of slapd/schema.c, that adds
>the Boolean syntax type; I'm also resubmitting my patch for the
>caseIgnoreIA5SubstringsMatch matching rule, as this doesn't seem to have been
>Attachment Converted: "c:\home\kurt\data files\eudora\attach\diff"