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Re: LDAP Root for dc style naming

Hi all:

I am going to start working on this backend.

It's my first attempt at working with openLDAP code, and I expect 
there'll be many hiccups.

I have started going thru the namedref draft, and thru the openLDAP
contributing and programming guidelines.

All advice is welcome.


"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> I've been thinking about how to bring up an LDAP root for
> dc style naming without creating another NSI/ICANN and I
> think I have a workable approach.
> Locally operated DNS-based referral servers.
> These servers would have a special backend (back-dnsref) which,
> for any operation, would send a referral based upon the
> DN's dc components and information available via DNS (such
> as SRV and well known aliases).
> Basically the server would accept a search for
> "dc=openldap,dc=org", look up SRV/aliases for ldap
> at openldap.org and then construct a URL and return
> it as a referral.
> Such a backend would be fairly easy to write.
> Comments?  Volunteers?