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Re: graphical userinterface

I think that there are some examples of how it may be done in /contrib (i.e.
php3-tool and web+AF8-ldap). Have a look and maybe extend those?


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From: Voglmaier, Reinhard Erich +ADw-rv33100+AEA-GlaxoWellcome.co.uk+AD4-
To: 'openldap-devel+AEA-OpenLDAP.org' +ADw-openldap-devel+AEA-OpenLDAP.org+AD4-
Date: 13 January 2000 10:43
Subject: graphical userinterface

+AD4-Dear All,
+AD4-since our ldap application should be administered by non-very-expert
people, I thought in developing a graphical user interface.
+AD4-based on the web ( alternatively perl-tk ? )
+AD4-to avoid reinvent the wheel: somebody's outsite doing the same ?
+AD4-btw any comments greatly appreciated.