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ud Kerberos support (was Re: KTH support for openldap)

[I'm aware that I'm replying to a really old message, I was going
through the list archives to find if anyone had decided how to fix the
ldapmodify kerberos core dumps.  Looks like not.]

Kurt Zeilenga wrote:
>Booker Bense wrote:
>> -P.S. The more I think about it, it seems to me that if you had
>> all kerberos versions use krb_get_pw_in_tkt then you could use
>> the same source for all and dump the HAVE_AFS flag.  That flag
>> is only used in one place, ud/auth.c. It's a hack to allow you
>> to get a ticket from an AFS K4 server with an unaltered MIT K4
>> library. I guess it was useful at Umich, but it seems very odd
>> to me that you would have AFS and not a K4 library that handles
>> this for you. SOP in the afs world is that you use MIT K4 libraries
>> with a hacked in string_to_key, so you don't have to put this code
>> in every app that wants to get a tgt.
>Comments from AFS users?

What I've done here, to support disabled all the krbname and AFS
cleverness in ud.  I believe it's inappropriate for non-kerberos code
to know anything about the string-to-key function.  On our machines, we
have exactly one program that knows which string-to-key function to
use, kinit.  Everyone else just works, regardless of the kerberos
libraries it was linked with.  If we're interested gutting ud's
knowledge of kerberos internals, let me know, I've got the diffs