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Re: Performance of OpenLDAP with a MySQL Backend

At 01:54 PM 1/10/00 -0000, Joao Abrantes wrote:
>	I have been thinking about using OpenLDAP to host a large user comunity.
>Since, from what I understand, all the backends are hash based, should it
>not perform faster with a MySQL backend?

Depends.  However, there are numerous issues in terms of implementing
hierarchical, multivalued, object-oriented databases within relationship
database systems.  See archives (Aug 1998?) for details.

>I am willing to write the backend but I would like to hear your comments on
>this subject first.

I'd suggest you evaluate and then offer to help this effort.

At 01:25 AM 12/18/99 GMT, mitya@seismic.geol.msu.ru wrote in ITS#405:
>URL: ftp://samovaar.dot.ru/pub/openldap-sql/

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