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Re: Encrypting data during replication?????

> hi there,
> I'm thinking of putting password data into the open ldap directory and having the
> data replicated to a slave machine.
> I can't seem to find an option to encrypt this data during replication.
> There is the kerberos thing, but it is only for authentication, it does not actually encrypt the data.
> Just would like to confirm that there is no way to encrypt data during replication. What other directory should
> I use on my linux then?
> regards,
> syw

Until other built-in solutions come of age in OpenLDAP, what I did
was use ssh to set up a forwarding connection to the replica.  Then
the master's replica configuration talks to a local port, which is
forwarded via a secure connection courtesy ssh to the real replica.

Randy Kunkee
NeoSoft Inc.