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Re: LDBM API documentation

At 11:08 AM 12/12/99 -0500, Peter Walter wrote:
>I am looking for documentation relating to the LDBM api specification;
>specifically, what are the calls that a database api must support to
>adhere to the specification and become LDAP-compatible.

LDBM is not an general purpose API.  The LDBM API is internal and used
only by back-ldbm and related tools.  The API provides a wrappers over
various database manager APIs for use by back-ldbm and is subject to
change based upon back-ldbm needs.  The primary purpose of LDBM library
is to localize database manager API codes.  The LDBM library should
be considered as an integal part of the back-ldbm SLAPD database backend.

The LDBM API has no formal specification and is only documented by
the provided code.

The LDBM API models a simple database manager.  The model requires
the database manager support:
	1) multiple databases
	2) arbitrary key/value pairs
	3) fetch/insert/replace/delete by key
	4) traversal by get first/next key

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