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Re: slapd python backend

On Thu, Dec 09, 1999 at 03:37:16PM -0800, Howard Chu wrote:

> I guess that's true, a long-lived process of this type would
> essentially be its own LDAP server. It might communicate exclusively
> via LDIF, but otherwise it would be much the same as slapd itself.

Not quite. It really does look like an LDAP server, but it lacks several
important aspects, which is good.

 - it does not need to implement connection management (TCP/IP, UDP)

 - it is very single threaded

 - it can be restarted almost seamlessly (improving overall robustness)

 - can even be hotswapped

back-ldap, AFAIK reconnects to an existing LDAP server which needs to
implement lots of things which a coprocess need not.

I must have been reading too much qmail source, but it really does work. I
hacked better (imho) LDAP support into qmail recently, it required changing
*2* lines in qmail-lspawn, and the replacement of qmail-getpw. 

Without qmail knowing anything of it, it has become 'LDAP aware'. Modularity
is a good thing.

Kind regards,

bert hubert.

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