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ldapsearch malloc bug

This problem arose in our Mingw32 port and took until now to figure out:
In this snippet from ldapsearch.c:

        if( tmpdir == NULL
                && (tmpdir = getenv("TMPDIR")) == NULL
                && (tmpdir = getenv("TMP")) == NULL
                && (tmpdir = getenv("TEMP")) == NULL )
                tmpdir = "/tmp";

        if( urlpre == NULL ) {
                urlpre = malloc( sizeof("file:///") + strlen(tmpdir) );

                if( urlpre == NULL ) {
                        perror( "malloc" );
                        return EXIT_FAILURE;

                sprintf( urlpre, "file:///%s/",
                        tmpdir[0] == '/' ? &tmpdir[1] : tmpdir );

                /* urlpre should be URLized.... */

The buffer length for urlpre is potentially short by one byte. The sprintf
drops the leading character if tmpdir[0] is a '/', so on Unix this buffer
will usually be the correct length. But if the first character is kept, then
you get a buffer overrun. On NT we set TEMPDIR to e.g. "C:\tmp" so this
buffer was always being overrun.

It seems to me that either one more byte needs to be allocated, or the
sprintf statement should be replaced with this:
			sprintf( urlpre, "file://%s/", tmpdir);

Any preferences?