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Re: Building on WinNT

At 01:04 PM 11/23/99 -0700, Steve Sonntag wrote:
>Could someone tell me what parameters are needed with to run the configure script

The configure script can only be ran in a Unix (or Unix-like)
environment.  On NT, some sort of UNIX emulation software, such
as Cygwin, is required to be able to run configure.

Building under MSVC5/6 does not require running of configure.

>so I can synchronize the header.in files with the header.nt files.

First, configure doesn't touch .nt files.  Each header.nt is derived
MANUALLY from header.h.in based upon what most MSVC5/6 developers
are using.  It may need tweaking if your system differs from that
described in the developers FAQ.

>lber_types.h.in is version 5
>lber_types.nt is version 3

I assume you mean revision 1.5 and 1.3 respectively.  Revisions
number of different files are not related.

>So the build for Win32 is broken.

Yes, I committed some changes to lber_types.nt which should resolve
the build problems.

>I need to learn how to generate the .nt files from the .in files.

Again, it's currently a manual process.

>Someone could update the .NT files

Again, I just committed changes to lber_types.nt to resolve
problems with missing lber types.  The changes should be
available on the public repo within 30 minutes.  You'll
need to 'cvs upd' then build setup.dsp.


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