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Problem: Initial Bind

There used to be all these fine #define's in ldapconfig.h for
the dn client programs should initial bind to (e.g. FINGER_BINDDN,

Below is a part of the mail exchange between Wesley Craig 
(wesley.craig@umich.edu) and Kurt D. Zeilenga (kurt@openldap.org):

>The problem is, how to decide which dn to use?
>We could introduce a call similar to ldap_filter*() which passes
>a keyword, dn = ldap_dn_init( "ud" ).  The file would then be 
>something like:
>initdn finger          cn=Finger, ou=Miscellaneous Servers, ...
>initdn ldapsearch      cn=LDAP Search Tool, ou=Miscellaneous Servers, ...
>initdn ud              cn=ud, ou=Miscellaneous Servers, ...
>initdn mail500         cn=mail500, ou=Miscellaneous Servers, ...
>Fairly easy to do.  Does this fit with OpenLDAP/LDAP APIs?

Enhancing the ldapfilter.conf(5) format is an option.
Another option would be to implement (or borrow) an
application neutral config file parser.  I would suggest
something like:
        cf = ldap_config_open("ud");
        groupdn = ldap_config_get(cf, "ud.groupdn");

The extension would be part of -lldap but the core ldap routines
would not depend on the functionality of the routines.

If you were interested in coding something like this, I would
suggest you post a brief message to devel mailing list requesting

I will be writing the code. 

Zoe Gurevich, 
U-M Information Technology Division