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RE: Developers wanted

At 05:08 PM 10/26/99 +0100, Voglmaier, Reinhard Erich wrote:
>OK. I would like to begin with point 3), since it's the part I felt missing most at the beginning.
>i.e. for the beginning I would try to put together  the Quick Start Guide.

The Quick Start Guide provided on the website appears to be working
quite well.  The web is well suited for type of document as it
allows hyperlinks into the FAQ and other information pages.

Of course, it could be converted to SDF such that it can be provided
as a text document (for inclusion in releases), be incorporated in
Admin Guide, and published on the web.

>So if I understood well I have to download from sw using cvs. But where do I get cvs from ( I never used it ).

See <http://www.openldap.org/software/repo.html>.  There are links
there to CVS homepage where you can obtain detail information about

>And second point once I believe to have finished a part of the work how to put it in production, or is there a test stage ?

Yes.  You submit a patch (which cvs can generate for you) using
the Issue Tracking System.  After appropriate discussions and review,
a committer may then apply the changes to the repository.  They
may be tested during further development and, finally, as part
of the release engineering process.

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