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Hi there!

I'm trying to write a small script in PHP3, which determines before
modifying an entry if the attributes should be removed or only modified.

Function g_modify_entry($Dir, $DN, $Entry)

  $numbers = count($Entry);

      for ($i=0; $i < $numbers; $i++)
          $key = key($Entry);
          if ($Entry[$key] == "")

      ldap_mod_replace($Dir, $DN, $Entry);

      if (count($deleteEntry) > 0)
          ldap_mod_del ($Dir, $DN, $deleteEntry);


But this doesnt work.
The attribute is being replaced in it's value. But the ldap_mod_del()
doesn't delete anything. I don't get an errormessage or nothing else.
The attribute-value is just changed and nothing else.

Anybody an idea?