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Re: const char * params

Trevor Harrison wrote:
> so you are saying go ahead and play in my own sandbox

I am saying that you can go ahead and play with what already been done.

> but you don't want those changes in your sources?

The IETF draft includes constification of API and these changes have already
been applied to OpenLDAP-devel.

> Or it is something you are thinking about for the next ver?

For 2.0.  1.2 will remain a U-Mich/RFC1823 compatible API.

>   Couldn't this also be done in a non-intrusive way with a #define to optional turn const'ness on and off?

Take a look at devel, constification is done in a manner that supports Standard C,
K&R C, and C++ use of the API implementation.  It's also consistent with the
the IETF LDAPext C LDAP API draft.