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performance & benchmarking


We've been using the umich ldapserver and later openldap for a number
of small projects, and have never really had a lot of problems with 
performance, but lately the requirements have gone up quite a bit, and we're 
now looking at implementing solutions for upwards of 10,000,000 entries 
in a directory, 10 - 20 read operations/sec and upto 10 write operations/sec.

We've looked at innosoft's idds and icl's i500 servers, which atleast claim 
to be able to handle large amounts of entries, and promise fairly painless 
scalling to distributed systems... but what I havent seen are actual 
benchmarks with real-life applications. Can anyone help ? 

Has anyone established the limits of the openLDAP server ? Or found 
ways to make it perform better under high load ? How about 
distributed setups with a caching proxy for example ? 

Thanks for any input,