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Re: KTH support for openldap

At 02:42 PM 10/2/99 +0200, svinto@ita.chalmers.se wrote:
>> >- Everything has compiled out of the box except ud and the
>> >back-ldbm. The common problem between them is that
>> >
>> >       ac/unistd.h
>> >
>> >includes  /usr/include/crypt.h.
>> Needed to get the crypt(3) prototype on some systems.  We
>> currently just test for the existence of the header.  Looks
>> like we should look for specifically for the the prototype
>> and only include <crypt.h> as needed.
>> >This causes a prototype clash
>this clashes with Openssl des.h des_encrypt() too.

I don't believe we include OpenSSL headers anywhere we
include Kerberos or the UNIX crypt(3) crypt.h...  of course,
header clash is only the obvious problem.  If there are
three different implementations of des_encrypt(), we're
likely will link with the wrong one (at least in one context).

Basically, we're screwed.  Providing Kerberos, TLS, and crypt(3)
support all in the same executable will be problematic on
some systems (maybe in general).  We should 1) detect these
incompatibilites and provides a means for the user to resolve
(by deselecting one of the optional subsystems).