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Re: How to change LDAP schema by programming?

On 25 Sep 1999, Julio Sanchez wrote:

> Worawut Suphasanthitikul <g42wsp@cp.eng.chula.ac.th> writes:
> >   I saw some code for changing the schema in "Implementing LDAP" book, 
> > such as add new ObjectClass or add new Attribute. He wrote with Java and
> > use for Netscape Directory. How can I find any example for Openldap with
> > C?
> That is not supported currently and no one is working on it.  It is in
> the "nice to have" category.  So no one is working on it.

By this, do you mean a writable Root DSE so that object classes can be
"created" via LDAP?

> But anyone planning to do anything schema related should present the
> idea to me first or you may find the work you do impossible to
> integrate later.  There are going to be lots of changes in the schema
> support.

In playing with 2.0-devel I noticed that the schema directory wasn't really
being used (ie., the older slapd.oc/at files were still being used).  Any idea
when the cut-over to the stuff in the schema directory might begin?