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HEADS UP: Backend interface change

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From: Kurt D. Zeilenga [mailto:Kurt@OpenLDAP.Org]
Subject: commit: ldap/servers/slapd add.c bind.c compare.c delete.c modify.c
modrdn.c search.c slap.h
Considerring the interface change, you should post a HEADS UP
messages to devel when you get a chance.
I have just checked in a change to provide both the original user-supplied
DN and the normalized DN to the backend. I needed this to allow
case-sensitive RDN comparisons to be done by backends. All of the backends
have been updated with this change, but they don't necessarily do anything
meaningful about it. The back-bdb2 and back-ldbm backends should not see any
visible change, they will continue to use the normalized DN as before. The
back-ldap backend will always use the user-supplied DN. back-passwd uses the
user-supplied RDN to find the Unix login name. The other backends are now
using the user-supplied DN as well - I'm not really sure how they ought to
behave since basically all of them are interfaces to external software
systems (back-perl, back-shell, back-tcl). Being a Unix-centric guy,
case-sensitive sounds right to me but hopefully someone who's actually using
these things will speak up.