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Cache performances?

Good morning!

I am using both OpenLDAP 1.2.6 and 2.0-alpha2 with the following parameters:
cachesize       10000
dbcachesize     1000000

Amongst others, I perform a test that reads 1000 times the same entry. I am
a bit disappointed by the result as performances are not better than those
I obtain when I read 1000 different entries. Has anybody else experienced
the same? What can I do to tune cache performances?

For information purposes, here are the results of some tests I have
performed both on OpenLDAP 1.2.6 and Netscape Directory Server 4.1 (the
goal is not to say that one product is better than the other but to outline
areas where performances might be increased). Tests ran on a Bull ESCALA E
(128Mb RAM & 256MB swap, PowerPC604 @ 225MHz) running IBM AIX 4.2.1. The
directory contained about 10790 entries. Tests were performed 3 times (the
result is the mean time).

Read all entries level by level (performing ldapsearch with a scope "one"
on all entries):
OpenLDAP: 140s (that's 10790 search operations -> 13ms for each operation)
NDS: 135s

Read 1000 times the same entry:
OpenLDAP: 200s (that's 1000 search operations -> 200ms for each operation!!)
NDS: 5s

Perform 1000 times the same search (with scope "one") that returns 20 results:
OpenLDAP: 205s (that's 1000 search operations -> 205ms for each operation!!)
NDS: 35s

Perform 1000 bind/unbind with administrator privileges:
OpenLDAP: 12s
NDS: 7s

Perform 1000 bind/unbind as anonymous:
OpenLDAP: 8s
NDS: 7s