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Re: ldap_modify (ITS#238)

[Forwarded to devel]

At 12:47 AM 7/29/99 GMT, kunkee@pluto.ops.NeoSoft.com wrote:
>Another note on this:  on Alpha OSF 4.0e with LDBM=db2 (2.7.5), ldap_modify
>appears to delete an attribute regardless of whether it violates objectclass
>requirements.  From looking at the code in back-ldbm/modify.c, it looks like
>all the add/delete/modify operations are performed *before* the schema check.
>Then if the schema check fails, it returns (before updating indexes).

Actually, it returns leaving the in memory representation hosed (which
has been a long standing bug) and (lately) corrupts (replace value)

I've committed a fix which at least passed my initial tests
(ie: cd tests; make ldbm).   It saves a copy of the attributes
and restores them if need be.  It also allows the "replace"
index changes to made after schema checking.